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Three ways to go a long way.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram maybe you watched the process of these pants coming to life. For those who shared their opinion, once again, thank you! You helped me finalise this classic design and I could have not been happier with the final outcome.

Alright, you saw me make the pants, you liked the process, you gave me your opinion. Now, the question is—how do I(we) style Palazzo pants? I know you are wondering so here is how to do it.

First, let’s begin with a classic Blouse. I love a blouse! It’s so timeless and elegant and you immediately feel a little bit more powerful when you were one. Am I not right?! That is the thing with clothes that fascinates me, you can totally change your mood with one really-freaking-good-outfit.

So, we got the blouse and now—what if we want it to make it more day-to-day casual? Tanks tops are everything to me. I am often wearing one underneath everything I wear. Specially during these warm summer days. When you take out the blouse and rock the pants with a beautiful, high quality tank top, you get more of a casual look while still remaining absolutely fabulous! Don’t you agree?!

The details of the Palazzo pants will balance out the simplicity of a beautiful tank top like this. And for an added touch, you will be able to wrap the blouse around your waist and that will be a perfect cherry-on-the-cake.

OK, I know you are wondering, but what if I want to make it even more casual, how can I best rock theses pants? Hold on, I’ve got the answer! Real TalkIs there anything better than a basic white tee? Honestly I’m not sure. I think a nice, well fitted white tee is absolutely essential in our closets. I can tell you 47 different ways you can rock a white tee(we will leave that for another blog post). I cannot think of a place where you could go wrong with this look if you asked me.

And maybe we will end this one here. I hope I added value to your life and gave your ideas for next time you style your clothes or think about your must-have-pieces to wear.

I am in the process of developing my personal wardrobe. I am sharing the process with you because I believe it is worth it that you see. I am currently only making high end quality clothing because I do not believe in fast fashion. I believe in a small quantity of really good, timeless clothing that you can develop with your unique look and dress them up together, forever in endless ways.

If you enjoyed this blog post, let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you!

Thank you a million,

Raphaella Santana

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