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Winter Edition, How To Stay Warm.

Hello, lovely readers <3. I'm back with another blog post, this one about winter, cold days and the perfect jacket to stay warm and enjoy this new season.

As of September, I made the decision I was going to curate and invest time in making my entire wardrobe from scratch. I donated everything I had and only kept three things—both a sweater and a t-shirt I'd gotten as gifts, and a sweet pair of Levi's jeans that I've had for over five years now.

I've been making clothes for a few years, now I've started understanding this year the importance of designing styles that transcend seasons & pieces made with high-end quality that will last forever.

Why is that important to me? I've never felt more excited to get dressed every day, to be honest, I didn't even know what my style was up until recently. I am in love with the way that everything goes together, it is so much easier to get dressed in the morning—simplicity is something I strongly value.

Ok, now let's talk about this pretty jacket! I originally wanted to make a puffer jacket, when I went to the fabric store I fell in love with this fabric, so I decided I wanted to do something with it. I loved both sides and wanted to make a reversible jacket. By the way, I had never made a reversible jacket before but thought to myself, "how hard can it be?". I'm always up for a challenge when it comes to designing new things, that's how I am constantly growing and evolving my skills.

I tried to keep the inside layers monochrome for this look. I styled the beige pants with white and nude colors. This is a simple way to elevate your look. I think it is hard to go wrong with layers of different shades & texture of a color.

Herewith the black pants, I styled the jacket with a classic blouse and my favorite way to wear it, layered with a tank top. I chose the color beige for the tank top to match with the colors of the jacket.

For the last look, I added a black sweater on top to keep that monochrome look going meanwhile keeping me warm for those very cold days coming. As you can see, there are pockets on both sides of the jacket—very much needed! It also features a reversible zipper that I can complete zip-up from both sides. I am so in love with this jacket, I pretty much wear it every day. I am currently making another jacket, a long trench coat that is coming up next!

Thank you again for reading the blog, I appreciate you!

I hope your holidays have been amazing, that this year has brought you a lot of great things and that 2020 is better than you can imagine.

Oh, and if you haven't signed up for the newsletter, do it & stay tuned! Be the first one to know about everything so exciting coming up soon.

With Love,

Raphaella Santana


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