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The Classic Long Wool Coat.

Winter is officially here! I have to admit—I am a freak about the cold, always certainly overdressed. Making a long wool coat was going to be necessary for me. Since I had never done anything like it, I was up for the challenge. I spent over 10 hours working on drafting the pattern, then another few cutting all the pieces and finally sewing it all together which took I don't know how many hours, but a lot.

I love making things I've never made before. It's probably the most exciting thing for me. I can get bored easily making something I've already made before. It just doesn't stimulate my brain the same way.

On another note, I have been obsessed with the look of a headscarf and sunglasses and thought this would be the perfect outfit to style with it. I just love the look, I think it's very beautiful and elegant.

I designed this coat with two different pockets—one in the seam and another big pocket in the front. I find it useful to have the option of a pocket a little bit higher, for comfort while walking and the other where I can put keys and often doggie bags when I take my dog for a walk.

Another detail of the coat is the buttons in the front, you can close it both ways, left or right. Featuring also a waistband to wrap it around the waist.

I love wearing this coat with nude colors to contrast the black. For this shoot, we styled it with the classic blouse and the palazzo pants keeping that elegant look we love.

We shot this at the highest peak of Barcelona, while the sun was rising, I can say that it was a special day and that the coat came to life.

I hope you enjoyed this one, thank you for keeping up with the blog, I appreciate you!

A special thank you to the team who made this photo shoot possible:

photographer—Sebastian Pirvulescu

model—Lara Bohrer

stylist—Oddný Halldóra Oddsdóttir

makeup—Anastasia Babi

With Love,

Raphaella Santana

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