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Another Day, Another Pair of Cargo Pants.

Did someone say they were up for a challenge? Well, I certainly did when I made these cargo pants. I don't even know how much stitching they have: inside, outside, on the sides, on the back, on the waist, in the front, there is some kind of stitching everywhere you can think of on these pants. They are extremely detailed as you can see in the following pictures...

I also added this black blouse to my timeless wardrobe to style it with the pants. Of course it features puff sleeves, which you already know I love, and the most beautiful cuffs I've ever made. I'm obsessed with their details. To my surprise, I ended up finding the buttons I used at a local sewing supply store pretty quickly considering they had a million options, but I am quite sure these were the perfect choice.

My second styling tip is keeping it simple with a classic black tank top. The thing about this tank top, and why you see me wearing it all the time, is the high end quality of the fabric. It keeps everything tight, is very flattering and makes me feel powerful. All this, and it's only something as simple as a tank top.

This Dreamy Sweater is back for another feature on the blog considering it is so-god-damn-amazing. It's been keeping me warm all week while the temperature has been going down little by little here in Barcelona.

Let's go back to the cargo pants and talk about details—my favourite thing. As you can see, the pants are full of stitches, pockets and small little details. The most special detail is a new design on the front pockets. They have a snap button that allows you to snap it open or snap it closed. I have been enjoying leaving it open so I can put my hands in the pockets. You can also totally close it and give the pants a slightly different look.

Style tip number four, I had to pair the cargo pants with this pretty white blouse that you all loved and gave me amazing feedback on. How do you think it turned out together? Pretty good, right?! This blouse also has lots of little details. The cuffs and collar both added to the construction of the design.

I styled the outfit down by taking off the blouse and just leaving the ever-so-loved skinny-strap tank on. This is more of a casual look. Or not, you decide!

I wrapped up this photoshoot with a classic white tee. Here, you can totally tuck the tee in or tie a knot in the front. This look is an every-occasion type of look. It is simple yet elegant, so you can wear it to school, a restaurant, the cinema, or wherever you go.

That's a wrap for this one. I hope you enjoyed and got some value out of it as always.

Stay tuned for some exciting things I will be adding to the website very soon.

With love,

Raphaella Santana

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