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I am a dressmaker, a storyteller,

so many other things.

I am passionate about making clothes.

I find it powerful to wear clothing with purpose and meaning.

In the fashion world,

I found a place to express my creativity,

connect with women,

empower them with my clothing,

break stereotypes,

advocate sustainability,

be the change in the industry.

In my world,

I seek to be honest with myself

and with those around me.


I strive to be the best version of myself.

My family and my friends

are the most important thing to me.

I am a student of life.

I am always curious to learn, grow & change.

I love to experience new things,

I believe that my dreams are one step out of my comfort zone so I live accordingly.

In the outside world,

I seek to understand

the reflection of others within me,

love & empathize

with the people I meet.

I am always looking

to put myself in other people's shoes,

let myself go for a moment,

listen non judgementally.

Through my work,

I hope to be a breath of fresh air,

a new light shining in the industry.

A source of inspiration for the dreamers,

a mirror to the ones seeking authenticity,

a way to serve,

with pure intention and integrity.

Now the question is,

how does one define

the complexity of a Human Being

with words that can't express all that is?

The rest remains

a feeling.

Raphaella Santana

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