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What You Didn't Know About Silk.

If there is one fabric out there that has a reputation of being special in all kinds of way, I would have to say that it’s silk. Silk has been around for over 5000 years. Yes, five thousand years! Can you believe that?! Arguably, it is still one of the finest and strongest fabric we have. I remember hearing about silk when I young like it was the finest caviar, served somewhere in the south of France at a restaurant in St. Tropez.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of making a custom silk dress for a client and ever since then I have been obsessed with silk. I even decided to make myself a dress with a similar fabric. That’s how much I enjoyed the experience.

I mean, have you ever worn anything silk? Here is a fun fact—because silk originates from a natural protein fibre, it is actually very similar chemically to the human skin. When you wear it, it ends up moulding onto your body. No wonder why It feels so-damn-good when you wear it.

So I found a few ways to style my new silk dress and thought I would share it with you. Let's begin simply with the dress on its own. This is a great option, there isn't actually much else you need. But yes, of course, there are also plenty of other ways to style it. You can layer it with a turtle neck underneath, both ways will leave you looking as fabulous as always.

I know you are wondering—“I have a silk dress, but how can I wear it more casually?” Perfect, you can pair your dress with a t-shirt! Wrap a belt on your waist, give it some shape, and that way you can wear it during the day, late at night or whenever you’d like.

You can keep it even more casual by tying a knot in the front of the t-shirt. Because the knot will land on your waist, this will accentuate your natural curves, this is always a great style choice.

It’s getting cold at night, so we will need to dress according to that. Ok, pause, here is a side story—For a while, I've had the idea in mind to make a super comfortable sweater, with pockets. When I went to the fabric store to look for my dream fabric to match my dreamy sweater idea, there wasn’t anything I was seeing that completely satisfied what I was envisioning.

The vendor who was helping me insisted on saying “but these are great, what else is it that you want?” I didn’t know exactly which type of fabric I wanted, other than something utterly comfortable, but I knew that whatever she was showing me wasn’t it. So I went over to the other fabric store next door, and tan-tan-tan (insert magic sound here), I touched this fabric and it was an instant love-at-fist-touch.

This fabric is insanely soft and warm, it’s everything I truly imagined. And YES, I said pockets, of course I had to add pockets, I’ve had one-too-many experiences with sweaters that didn’t have pockets that made me say—not this time.

Ok, back to the silk! I styled the dress with the sweater and ended the shoot with a full outfit—dress, sweater and bag. Right after the photoshoot, I went on a date with my boyfriend, you can say that it was the perfect occasion to get out in the real world with the outfit.

This is the end of this one, I hope you enjoyed it.

This bag you see was made by yours truly, out of my own personal need for a bag that I could use to carry everything! And I mean everything.

If you love it & want your own, I will be doing a few custom made ones per request.

Thank you for reading the blog, I appreciate you!

Raphaella Santana

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