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My wedding-every other occasion outfit.

Let me begin this blog post by saying that I love-hate the expression "kill two birds with one stone" and here is why: I hate that it implies killing two birds BUT I love how, more often than not, it is exactly how I like do things in my life. For me/google this means "to succeed in achieving two things in a single action". Who doesn't love when that happens? Hello? Anyone else feel the same way?

OK! Now, how does this relate in any way to an outfit this blog post is meant to be all about?

The thing about design and spending hours making your clothes is that it makes you quickly realise that you have got to be more practical and efficient every time that you can. AND at the same time create something unique and special of course.

When I started the design process of this outfit, I knew I wanted it to be something simple, yet elegant and appropriate for a wedding. BUT I didn't want to just leave it at that. I wanted to make sure that whatever I created would be something that I would be able to wear not only at a wedding but at every-other-occasion.

So, I decided to make this Jumpsuit. I made it just under knee length, that way I knew I could pair it with boots, high heels or sneakers and get a variety of different looks for various occasions. Since this was still a wedding outfit I was making, I decided to make it completely open back to add a little touch of elegance. Having in mind that I could always throw a sweater on top of it to make it casual if needed. I chose intentionally a fabric very soft, stretchy and light weight so I could wear it and feel totally comfortable day & night.

Alright! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and if you are interested in a custom piece from me, please send me an email or message, I would be more than happy to create with you.

This is it for now,

Thank you very kindly as always.


Raphaella Santana


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