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From A Cloth To A Blouse.

First things first—the blouse from this shoot was made from the piece of cloth I was holding on my last photoshoot. Fashion can be made out of anything, here is the proof!

On the other hand—I am so proud and happy to say that these pictures came to life so effortlessly and joyfully. We managed to capture all these shots in less than one hour. Everything happened easily and magically. This new journey is less about image and more about essence and creative self-expression, this photoshoot captures exactly that.

Below you can listen to the full story of this photoshoot in detail on my podcast:

Episode #3.

[00:23] Right now I am actually working on curating my own wardrobe. I feel like for a long time I just had no idea what my personal style was. And in the last few little months I've been able to understand myself better and associate that understanding with the clothes that I want to wear.

[00:59] When it comes to style and fashion, people tend to look outside of themselves to get inspiration for what they want to wear. And I have definitely been in that position before where I would, you know, just look at maybe pictures on Instagram or people around me, culture and all these different things.

[02:05] How can I take the things that I do and make it more practical with the things that I wear. Instead of making fashion and style, this abstract thing that is outside of ourselves? Why don't we just look inside and then see, okay, who am I? What do I do?
[02:19] I'm a person that likes to do business. I like having meetings with clients. I go to my studio, I have this going on in my life, but I'm also extremely sporty and I'm always moving around on my bike. So I realised I needed to combine those two things and make clothes that would fit into my lifestyle.
[02:52] I think this last photoshoot should really captures everything because it is very elegant and this goes with the side of me that wants to do business and go out and meet clients and have meetings and do all of that. But at the end of it, I sort of took a few pieces from the first look and I added to the second to make a little bit more comfortable, sporty. And that's also a side of me that I wanted to express.
[03:24] What I'm working on right now is actually making really high end quality clothing.
[03:47] I want to spend time doing things like really perfect quality because I already do that anyway. So instead of just making things that you know, will be fashionable for one year or two, then why not spend that time making really high end quality on things that I can have for the rest of my life.
[04:34] The style is very elegant. It is timeless, it is comfortable. It is chic in a sense but also sporty. So I'm trying to combine those two things that resonate with me and my lifestyle into the clothes that I wear.
[05:19] I think when it comes to fashion, people can get caught up into thinking that it is something that is abstract and outside of themselves. But if we take a little bit of time to just look at our lifestyle and the things that we want to do, this can make fashion seem so much more approachable and less scary.
[06:05] Fashion does give us a lot of power to feel better about ourselves, especially if we have something that is custom made to our body, then we enhance all those parts that we love the most.
[06:25] It's nice to walk in the world feeling good about who we are and liking the clothes that we wear when we don't have that, I think we can only walk half as good as we could be if we knew how to dress ourselves and how to feel good in our skin.

So that’s a wrap!

I hope you have enjoyed the images and the message along with it.

With love always,

Raphaella Santana

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