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Something About Ideas.

Hey you! I bet you had a great idea today. Me too! I had one too. Which one was it? Do I still have it? Do I remember it? Everyday we are full of ideas. This mind of mine happens to be full of ideas. Good ideas and of course, bad ones too. The question is, how can we differ good ideas from bad ones? Are we able to know before executing it? I am already questioning myself and this idea about writing this blog post. The point is—you will never know unless you try.

I‘ve wasted so much time in my life and probably the possibility of realizing so many good ideas crippled by a desire for perfection that with certainty held me back. BUT—no, not anymore. I am letting that go. And I’m going to chase my dreams. I am sure that I will fail and there is a high chance that most of my ideas won’t turn out as good as I might think they are. And if so, perfect, at least I tried.

I have committed myself to this vision and I’m not looking back. I have got so much I want to share with you guys. I am working on so many new things, you have no idea, so much happening, so many things coming along. My intention is to serve you and add value to your life. I can ensure you that I will make mistakes but I will have the best intentions at heart.

This brand I am creating started with the simple idea—how can I make women feel better about themselves with the clothes I make and the story I tell? I hope when you come across my content you feel inspired to become authentically you. Not the perfect you, just simple you. The one with great ideas and a willingness to try, even if you might “fail“ because remember, the point was—you will never know unless you try.

So... this is something about ideas until the ideas actual ideas are out in real life but let me tell you that will not be disappointed, I am taking you on a ride.

With the all the love in the world,

Raphaella Santana