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Everything about a Vision Board.

Have you ever heard someone telling a story about someone, who knew someone, who made a vision board and things started happening as they envisioned? Well, let me tell you that it wouldn't be once or twice that I've heard that. In fact, I have heard those stories personally so many times, from people I know who are living the life they've imagine for themselves in this clear vision.

The thing you should know about me is that, I am also a big believer in all things magical-surreal-miraculous. I am not religious but I have got my own set of beliefs that resonate with me and give me my unique perception of life. A.K.A. if someone tells me this thing works for real, I will believe them until proven wrong.

Anyways, according to my "previous" set of beliefs, I thought "I have got a perfect clear vision in my mind, I'm good! I don't need a board!". Fast forward, 260973 thousand people claiming their dreams have come true from their vision board, me: FINE! I guess it wouldn't hurt having my clear vision transferred from my mind to a board. And so I thought this could also be something fun to do, and I started getting excited about it. I found pictures on Pinterest, printed the pictures, bought a pin up board, cut the pictures, organised it on the board and this is step-by-step how it went.

But wait, there's more to this story......

I have always been a big, big dreamer. I seriously feel like I live half of the time in my own imaginary dream world, some would say—how typical of a pisces. I have also been fortunate enough to realise many of my dreams, so the other half, I spend enjoying and appreciating the beauty of my life.

Now, let's go back in time.

I remember a moment so vividly from my life exactly 10 years ago. I was living in Ottawa, Canada during this year. I was 16 years old. I had only been away from my home country Brazil for 3 years, where I had lived my whole life, up until my family moved to Canada when I was 13 years old. Out of me and my two sisters, I was the one who longed to go back to Brazil the most. I had a really difficult time adjusting to the canadian culture and I just wanted to go back to what I knew, the city I was born, the people I knew, the streets I would walk, the places I would go, my childhood friends. I decided to get a job immediately as soon as I could and save all my money to make a trip back to my loved home country. So I got a job at a McDonald's near my home and my working hours would be 4-7pm and my job was to fry fries for the rush hour—This. Was. Literally. My. Job—Anyways. So I worked those shifts happily while I dreamt about the time I would have in Brazil.

This is a short-story-long. Yes, short story but long. It's all going to make sense and I will explain why.

During that trip, I had my first glimpse of the vision I had for my life. I was at one of my mom's friends house and her friend's daughter was showing me a picture of a dress she had custom made for herself. She talked about how she would bring her ideas to a dressmaker and that the dressmaker would then bring her idea into life. And with certainty, I said to myself in my mind "I can do that".

Ok so, fast forward now.

I have dreamt of making wedding dresses, gowns, clothing for women every since then. Throughout the years I have been slightly aware of it but never as clear as I see the dream now. This dream has been living on my mind for a long time and I've imagined it so many times, hence why I thought I never needed a "vision board" because I've always had a clear vision on my mind. Recently, the vision is becoming more and more clear and I am becoming more and more focused on this dream so I thought "why not, if this will help me in any way focus on my vision I will take it".

Alright, how can I wrap up this short(long) story for you?

You know who you are, do what is right for you!

Vision board, no vision board, nothing matters. Your dreams are yours to realise and only you know what it will take for you to get from where you are to what you want.

Thank you again for showing up on my blog, I love you!


Raphaella Santana


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