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How To Wear Your Cargo Pants.

This is a long time coming. You saw the process of these pants come to life on Instagram. Here they are, doing what you knew it would, looking absolutely fabulous—true or not true?

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog lately, you know that I’m developing a timeless wardrobe of high end quality pieces that you will be able to wear in many different ways, pieces carefully designed and curated to take you and your closet a long way.

So, this is how you, can style your cargo pants. First and foremost, with a classic blouse. You can absolutely just wear your cargo pants simple with a beautiful blouse. Look how elegant and timeless this look feels—isn't that right?!

Another way you can style up your pants is by adding a tank top into the mix. If you are like me and you like layers on layers—this one if for you.

Ok ok, "what if I wanted layers on layers but something more casual?"—in that case, take your favourite tee, throw it on top, do a knot in the middle and, voilà!!!!

Secondly, by now you probably thought about this yourself and wondered, “can I simple just wear a T-shirt with my pants?“ One hundred percent you can and you will find many different ways to do that.

Because we like layers on layers, you can also add a tank top to your tee, and create a total new look. You can leave the bottom down or tuck it in—there is an endless amount of ways to this as you can see.

In case you wanted to take a step back and go back to the basics, this one if for you(&me), simply rock your cargo pants with a beautiful tank top and you will look as sophisticated as ever, with as little as this.

Ok that’s a wrap for today—blog posts are up every Thursday.

Tell me what you think, I want to hear from you, send me and email or throw it in the DM’s I will see you.

A special thank you to the team who made this photoshoot possible:

photographer—Sebastian Pirvulescu

model—Veronika Kotetishvili

stylist—Oddný Halldóra Oddsdóttir

stylist—Ugla Stefánsdóttir

Thank you for your precious time, I hope I added value to your life.

Raphaella Santana

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