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Biker shorts, a sweet love affair.

Let me start this one with a bold statement—I hate trends. I really do. Unless it’s a trend that you can make it your own. Biker shorts have been in style since last year and up until now every-other-girl seems to be wearing one.

When all the celebrities started rocking this trend in 2018, I was social-media-free so you can say I became aware of this trend late to the game. I made my first pair of biker shorts a little while ago, not knowing it was a trend, eventually realising I had uncosciouly started my love affair seeing my friends wear it.

The thing about biker shorts is that you can style it in a million different ways, up-down, business or to a workout. As you‘ve been watching the process of my wardrobe coming to life, you know—I’m all about that. Every single piece is designed to be styled with everything else that is part of it.

There is nothing like a piece of clothing that can take you a long way—with styles for days.

In this photoshoot, I styled my sweet lover biker shorts with four different tops—a blouse, a tank top, a long sleeve turtle neck and a t-shirt. Which are total essentials in my closet. These pieces I can guarantee will never go out of style. This is how I find the patience and time to put a lot of work in making them high end quality so they can last forever, and ever.

Considering winter is just around the de corner I kept the turtle neck as the base of the outfit. I styled it up with a blouse and down with a tank top and a t-shirt. I can find so many ways to mix and match all of these pieces together. I find the process quite fun to be creative with what I have, which is something I have always enjoyed since I was a child.

On another important note, I am a big advocate for comfort. These biker shorts are the definition of that. I keep it basic and timeless by wearing it with a turtle neck or simply with a white tee, no need for more than that, you already know what they say—simplicity is key.

Ok, I know, you've told me "I need that", I heard you. Which leads me to announce to you some pretty exciting news, I will soon be launching a limited edition collection of a few pieces I believe to be essential. I promise you, they are coming. I want you to have them as much as you do. To stay tuned with that, you can subscribe to my mailing list and be the first one to know.

Again, thank you for your time reading this, I appreciate you.

With Love,

Raphaella Santana