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A Mindful Wardrobe, A Beautiful life.

Hello lovely readers, I hope you are all staying healthy safe during these unprecedented times. <3

This year has been such a ride, don't you agree?! I started off this year thinking it was going to the most exciting year ever. In a lot of ways it has been, but in ways that I could have not imagined before. I had pictured this year to be of personal growth, although the ways I've grown have been so beyond what I imagined it would have been. I have been reflecting so much on my ways of being & who I am, and want to be. I think we are all doing about the same thing, how are you growing during this time?!

On another note, I've had the time to get to know the community & I am so excited to be sharing the story of so many beautiful people with you.

Today for the community blog I am so beyond thrilled to introduce to you guys this wonderful woman who inspires me so much the with work that she does & ultimately who she isPriska Bruegger, the designer behind the Swiss brand PRISÉ. Priska's designs are minimal, timeless, and endlessly elegant with comfort always in mind. She helps women understand the concept of a mindful wardrobe and what it means to dress for your personality and lifestyle. She is committed to providing the highest quality and exquisite attention to detail to all her pieces. Everything is handmade in Switzerland with the help of dressmakers whose focus is creating the highest quality, made to last a lifetime, and transcend seasons.

I was so curious about her mindest & how she got to where she is today so I virtually interviewed her and asked her a couple of questions—here is what she had to say.

What was your first experience with fashion that made you follow in love with design? It was when I was about 9 years old. I made a lot of sketches daily and I would bring my sketch to a dressmaker with my mom. That was when I started learning about clothes construction and different types of fabrics. Was is it love at first sight or did you develop a love for the craft overtime? I think both :) I kinda thought it was a cool thing at the beginning and then I fell more in love with it.

What does getting dressed mean to you? What feelings do you transmute with your style? Getting dressed means valuing myself and my time. I believe in making every single moment count even if it is an everyday life activity. Dressing up is one of the ways to make memories with me. I would say my style makes me feel effortlessly elegant, chic, and confident. When did you decide you wanted to take a minimalist approach to your designs? Or has it always been in your DNA? About a year and a half ago. I wanted to make my life simple but significant. Having too many clothes, some couldn’t be matched with each other gave me unnecessary stress and made me unable to focus on things that matter. So I started designing clothes that are timeless and versatile. I will slowly add more staple items that I believe can make women’s life easier in the next couple of months. So stay tuned!

What does a mindful wardrobe mean to you? A wardrobe that makes me feel good about who I am. A simple example, wearing nice clothes at home even if I am just by myself :) What’s the one piece of clothing you believe every woman should have in their closet? A high quality, timeless little black dress.

What is the most exciting part of the process of creation for you? I think every single part, from ideas to the realization. It is like making a dream come true. How important is your ability to love yourself & be in tune with yourself for your well-being? Very very important. Loving ourselves is the key to happiness. I truly believe that we can never reach true happiness unless we are being true to ourselves.

You wrote a beautiful blog post about self-talk, what is a tool you could share with the reader that would immensely help them if they found themselves in a negative headspace? Thank you. I mentioned a couple of books that might help. For me personally, writing down common self-talks that I do to myself help me understand my way of thinking. Once I have listed my common negative self-talk, it became easier for me to transform each one of them. Understanding our way of thinking and why we think like that is crucial in overcoming self-talk. I also recommend seeing a professional help if this overtakes your daily life,  If you could leave the modern women with a single piece of advice that would benefit their everyday life what would that be? (fashion-related or not) Invest in yourself, whatever it takes. The longest relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. 

What's your favorite book? So hard to pick one, Lesson from Madame Chic - Jennifer L. Scott What are you most grateful for? My life :)

How incredible is she?! I would recommend checking out her website and reading her blog posts, her view on life is so interesting and I got so many little tips from her that I know will improve my life. She also speaks about mindful eating which is something I know we can all learn a little bit more about. So check her out, she is amazing and you will certainly love her work as much as I do.

Once again, thank you for keeping up with the blog, I appreciate you!

With love,

Raphaella Santana

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