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7 ways to style a scarf any day.

Let's start this one with a little plot twist—nothing you will see in here is actually a scarf. Although it could easily be, but that is beside the point. OK! So, what is this blog post all about? This one is about something I am actually(not surprising) very passionate about—CREATIVITY.

The question I asked myself before creating this post was—how can we create something out of nothing?

In my case, I turn things into Fashion. For this shoot specifically, I wanted to go back to the basics and stay connected to the roots where I started—creating something out of nothing. For this purpose I simply cut 1\3 of a meter from three different fabrics I had at the studio and unleashed my creativity with them.

This first look is very simple & easy, the middle of fabric is just behind the neck falling down both sides, tied with a belt on the waist and voilà—just like this you could feel great going out for drinks with your friends on a Friday(or a Monday, who knows)!

For the black fabric in this one, it was a little bit longer than the white so I was able to wrap it around the neck, which made me totally fall in love with this look—I hope you did too!

For this style I played with another look, tucking the ends of the fabric in the pants. Again, a total new unique, flattering look for any date night you might have with a very lucky man.

For the ones who like crop tops, this one is for you! In here as you can see(or maybe not), I started with the middle of the fabric in the middle of the back, then I brought both ends forward, tied a knot in the front and put back the ends in the back.

This is actually how the back looks—surprise, you can turn it into the front, vice-versa you decide, whatever you want!

Ok, so what if you have a really long piece of fabric like this one? Then the world is yours, you've got a lot of different possibilities. For me, as you probably already know, I am all about the basics so I just wrapped it around and tied it with a knot in the front. Again, you can turn nothing into fashion this is my kind remind to you.

This final look represents an old time lover, criss-crossed neck, open back, you can't go wrong with that.

That's a wrap for this one(literally).

SURPRISE—I've made a podcast to go along with this blog post where I go a little bit more into detail on the idea of this post and share more about the behind the scenes that you have been loving on Instagram.

You can listen to the podcast on Itunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcast.

I hope you enjoyed this one and that you feel inspired to look at you wardrobe and get creative with what you have.

With all the love in the world,

Raphaella Santana