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I like to think of buying my clothes as an investment. It is very important for me to choose wisely. I often choose timeless pieces and curate my wardrobe with thought and intention. Comfort & Style are two important things to me, I make sure everything is a perfect fit without compromising my unique sense of style. Beyond that, there are five pillars that in-capsule my philosophy. ​


My clothes last. When I buy something I think of what I already have and loved for a long time and make sure that it will be a good complement to that. I take exceptional care of my clothes when I wear it, wash it, dry it and every other step along the way.

Desert Mountains
WIne Turbines



My clothes are high quality. This is important because I want to feel comfortable when I’m wearing them. I want to wear quality fabrics and I want to make sure the stitching and process of creating was well done. That way I know I will be able to have it for a long time.


I value earth and its natural resources. I am conscious about my actions and the impact it has on the life of this planet. I care about the environment and I make an effort to do what I can to maintain its harmony. I only support the brands that align with my vision of the planet. 


I value unique shopping experiences that differentiate from everything else. I want to be treated with kindness and respect with the brands that I invest my clothes in. I choose the brands I contribute to carefully. I want to get a feeling of what their mission is and I want to feel connected to that. 


It is very important for me to feel good in my own skin. I take care of my health and I prioritise the things that make me feel good. I value being confident and I know that I am a powerful woman when I feel good about myself and the choices I make. I am in tune with my desires and I live my life according to my own set of beliefs. 

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